Animales: Clase De Dibujos PDF

Animales: Clase De Dibujos

April 22, 2019

Titulo del libro: Animales: Clase De Dibujos

Complete class to learn to draw many species of animals, using different techniques and drawing materials. Whether you want to draw your beloved kitten or an imposing wolf, this book will offer you a complete drawing course. Lucy Swinburne illustrates the strengths of different drawing techniques and materials with clarity and simplicity. The work includes projects step by step to make it easy for you to follow them and draw from a rabbit to a horse. It is an inspiring work, ideal for any artist who seeks to capture the elusive magic of animals, and also includes guidance and guidelines to achieve drawings with personality in a realistic style • Eleven projects step by step to improve your skills. A section that delves into the material and the stroke • Clear and detailed drawing techniques to draw the fur, whiskers and brightness. Includes QR codes and free links to online tutorial videos.

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