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Crónicas Parlamentarias

April 22, 2019

Titulo del libro: Crónicas Parlamentarias

In the spring of 1907, a young and still little known Julio Camba accepted the offer of the newspaper New Spain, of republican ideology and casual and provocative style, to act as a parliamentary chronicler in the legislature that inaugurated the so-called long government of Maura, who returned to power willing to carry out, with renewed impulse, his ambitious and controversial revolution from above . For two months, Camba will attend punctually from the press box to the sessions of the Congress, giving rise to the series Diary of a skeptic, some incisive parliamentary chronicles in which his dissatisfaction with the political class will induce him to adopt humor as channel for his rebellious thought. With Azorín as the most direct ancestor, and his countryman Fernández Flórez as an illustrious continuator, together they will renew the way of making parliamentary information by adopting a common attitude of meticulous, ironic observers, distant in appearance from political contests, but with an undoubted fund of concern. for the Spanish reality. This volume brings together, for the first time, that the series Diary of a skeptic, as well as other articles on political issues that July Camba published during that Mauritanian stage of government and that completes. ..

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