Diccionario De Peliculas: El Cine De Terror PDF

Diccionario De Peliculas: El Cine De Terror

December 5, 2019

Titulo del libro: Diccionario De Peliculas: El Cine De Terror

One of the cinematographic genres par excellence, possessor of multiple tendencies and to which the great public has always shown a fervent devotion, Terror has marked its own rules and slogans within the History of Cinema, revealing itself as one of the most solid cinematographic fields and exciting Proof of this resides in the popular iconography of the classic monsters (Dracula, Frankenstein, the werewolf, etc.), which responds more to the filmic contributions of filmmakers such as Tod Browning, Terence Fisher or Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau than to their mythical origins or Literary Likewise, his ability to influence psychotic states in the most extreme situations (thanks to the expertise of Roman Polanski, John Carpenter, Stanley Kubrick or other researchers of the human condition) opens the door to a latent universe within any viewer. Which, however, attends all this from the shelter offered by the comfortable darkness of a screening room. So, this Dictionary of horror movies is responsible for reviewing more than 1800 films since the dawn of the genre (which they coincide with those of the cinema itself) until the last commercial premieres, integrating not a few pieces within a cinematographic field that is constantly rediscovering itself. An intense and rigorous review that echoes all the subgenres (from the classic horror to the Gothic passing through the slasher, gore and other aspects), as well as the most important movements of the same (from the expressionism to the latest European and eastern trends ) that make it an essential piece, both for the studious and for the simple amateur and in a unique work within everything published in our country on the genre.

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