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Educacion Fisica En Primaria, Iv

May 24, 2019

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When working Physical Education in the second cycle of primary is intended to: Assess physical activity as a possibility of discovery; Awareness of the need to adopt certain habits of hygiene; To make known the physical possibilities of each one, as well as knowing how to use them; Encourage collaboration in games and physical activities respecting and valuing the different capacities and cultural characteristics; And Develop all the expressive resources of the body and environment. The book, through ten didactic units, is designed with the intention of being an aid to the teacher to reach those objectives. The contents covered in the files are structured around the five curricular blocks: 1) The body: image and perception. 2) The body: skills and abilities. 3) The body: expression and communication. 4) Body health. 5) Games. This fourth volume, in relation to block 1 addresses, among others: global use of the body; Appreciation of the possibilities of expression of the body; Investigate the possibilities of movement of each part of the body; Relaxation; Interest in respiratory activity; Abdominal breathing; Appreciation of balance; Assessment of orientation capacity; Interest and valuation of cooperative work; Valuation of perceptive work with mobiles. Regarding block 2, it deals with, among others: acceptance of motor skills; Positions during the race; Use of the possibilities of displacement in quadruped; interest in non-habitual forms of displacement; Skills with objects; Launches and receptions; Mobile airborne control; Precision punching; Realization of routes by nature; Accountability of the natural environment; Valuation of free time; Know how to orient oneself; Flexibility work; Work of aerobic resistance; Strength-endurance and speed work. In relation to block 3, it treats, among others: the expression the body in movement; Body gestures; Communication and creativity; Importance of the voice; Sensitivity to sound stimuli; Graphics, sound and movement; Relationship between word and body expression; Possibilities of bodily movement; Rhythm and structure...

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