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Hombres Sin Mujer

January 19, 2020

Titulo del libro: Hombres Sin Mujer

This is the first novel in Spanish language literature that presents the theme of homosexuality in mens prisons. The author, Carlos Montenegro (1900-1981), was born of Cuban parents but in the Galician village of Arosa, and moved to the island at seven years of age. Since he was young he was linked to the lower worlds and just when he was 19 years old he is taken to jail for a blood act. This early contact with an environment as adverse as a prison may have marked his character and determined his narrative vocation. It will be a writer of the prison, who evades his cell thanks to writing, composing stories that are published in the Cuban press of his time and that earn him literary notoriety and to which he owes his freedom. The precursory and important novel Men without a woman (1937), in which Montenegro narrates a story that takes place in a Cuban jail, where the man lives without a woman, in the heat of the tropics and under the savage dictation of his sexuality, is nurtured from prison experiences. . It tells the story of a prisoner of little culture, who, despite the context in which he is forced to survive, keeps his moral values intact until the imprisonment of a beautiful and helpless adolescent puts his convictions in crisis with the outbreak of a new sensibility , surprising for him. The piece, tragic end offers a realistic picture and a thesis on the human condition, while manages to convey the anxiety of a prison that should lead to the reeducation of the individual and away from this goal destroys him as a human being.

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