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Imaginacion Activa, Imaginacion Musical

August 10, 2020

Titulo del libro: Imaginacion Activa, Imaginacion Musical

To eliminate, as far as possible, the separation between conscious and unconscious, to correct the excessive unilaterality of the conscious attitude and thus achieve the totality of the psyche, CG Jung, in addition to the method of dream analysis, developed the practice of the active imagination that, like dreams, operates with data from the unconscious but contemplated in the waking state. The dream is a pure product of the unconscious. The active imagination, however, works with spontaneous fantasies that emerge freely from the unconscious, from the suspension of critical attention and that, unlike dreams, interact with the conscious self in a waking state. Writing, painting, music, inner dialogue are, among many others, the means of expression that consciousness lends to unconscious contents. The active imagination allows the confrontation, the dialogue with those contents of the unconscious until now unknown, repressed or forgotten; It leads to its recognition, acceptance and integration in consciousness. Active imagination can also be expressed through all the manifestations of the creative imagination. This book shows an example through the DVD that accompanies it, in the film made by Christian Tauber, images and melodies emerge that emerge from free fantasy, dragging with its contents from the past, forgotten or repressed, and asking for recognition and integration in the present. In a complementary way to this practical, Musical and visual approach, this book includes the contribution and theoretical reflection on the active imagination of C. G. Jung and two of his closest followers: Marie-Louise von Franz and Barbara Hannah.

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