Iphoto 2: The Missing Manual PDF

Iphoto 2: The Missing Manual

May 24, 2019

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Anyone can click a button and capture a digital photo. Its what happens next - polishing, organizing, and editing your photos - thats not always easy. Fortunately, Mac users can download Iphoto 2, absolutely free - and get themselves a copy of Iphoto 2: The Missing Manual. Iphoto 2 is elegant and uncluttered - but that does not mean it is not powerful. The second version of this software is a major upgrade, and the online help files do not do it justice. Thats where Iphoto 2: The Missing Manual comes in. Longtime Mac aficionado (and New York Times technology columnist) David Pogue will help you get the most out of Iphoto 2 - and your digital camera. If you have not bought your digital camera yet, Chapter 1 offers expert advice. Pogue gives you a thorough grounding in the artistic side of taking digital pictures (which features do you need? What do you need to know about memory capacity ?: Stuff most software how-to guides do not cover. Rule of thirds , and how can you improve the composition of your photos? How do you avoid backgrounds that distract from your photos? Pogue shows how to go beyond simple snapshots to take better action and sports photos; Portraits and self-portraits that truly Capture their subjects, Better pictures of your fidgety kids, Better travel photos, indoor theater and museum photos, even better underwater pictures (Thats assuming youre equipped for it. Red-eye without using your cameras blinding red-eye reduction features. By now, youre itching to get your images in Iphoto 2. Part II covers all the basics: importing, organizing, and filing photos, searching and finding images Youve filed, a Nd editing them to fix lighting or composition problems. Youll especially appreciate iPhotos major improvements in keywords - and the new Keywords palette, which simplifies both keyword assignments and searches. And, while iPhotos still in Photoshop, Pogue covers his significant photo-editing improvements - including the Enhance tool for punching up washed-out

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