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Opera Y Drama

August 10, 2020

Titulo del libro: Opera Y Drama

After the revolutionary events that took place in Dresden in the spring of 1849, Wagner was forced into exile in Zurich. In this Swiss city, between the months of October 1850 and January 1851, I have carried out the writing of what is considered the key work of his theoretical-musical thought: Opera and drama. Throughout the three parts in that is articulated, the German genius carries out a weighted exposition of the ideas that, in his opinion, should sustain any operatic creation that really was considered such: the intimate union of text and melody; the problem of arias as distorting elements of the unity of musical discourse; the importance of musical motives when it comes to giving coherence and full meaning to the work? Testimony of the importance that Wagner granted to this text, in which he spares no attacks on contemporary production, embodied especially in the figure of Meyerbeer, are the words with which, after concluding it, I have presented it to Theodor Uhlig: Here you have my testament, now I can die. Fundamental work to understand in its proper measure of the meaning and transcendence of Richard Wagners musical Drama in the history of universal culture, this edition recovers the exceptional annotated translation that he made in 1995 Wagnerian eximio Ángel Mayo, indisputable and unsurpassed landmark of the studies on the German composer in Spanish language.

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