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Poesía Completa

April 21, 2019

Titulo del libro: Poesía Completa

For the first time the complete poetry of one of the most brilliant, provocative and original writers of recent years is gathered. This first edition includes the unpublished volume. Very ugly person, clear sample of his most lapidary style, and an appendix of facsimiles of his first poems that reveal the ubiquity of poetry in the work of an author recognized above all for his novels and stories. A work built over half a century, in which he reveals his identity and his obsession with travel, drugs, pleasure of smoking, navigation and sex. Writer of stories and novels against all current pre-established scheme, the poetic work of Fogwill raises to the maximum power his verbal wit.La criticism has said ... «An editorial event. [...] An arc of experimentation based on language and its direct relationship with the reality of words. A brutal force, almost physical. Page 12 In this indispensable book, perhaps unavoidable for Argentine poetry, Fogwill inserts prejudices as shutters because of the lyric claims and deserves it. He goes out with his poets shoes to the street and does not proclaim it: he has learned to write with his mouth closed. Clarion

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