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Star Turn 1 Cb

June 18, 2019

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A four level course that challenges young learners, developing all four skills within an upfront grammar syllabus that takes children to CEF level A2. Key features A clear grammar focus, so students always know what they are expected to learn. Attractive artwork mixes drawings and photos. Rhymes, games and activities encourage children to communicate in English. Songs and chants, used to introduce new language, are in an upbeat, pop style. Cultural sections offer a window on life in English-speaking cultures. Regular reviews and tests with a Common European framework link. Star Turn can be used with children starting to learn English, or those who have already been introduced to listening and speaking in English. Star Turn 1 reviews basic points quickly, so is ideal for `mixed beginners groups. Teachers Resource Packs include audio CDs, flashcards, posters, photocopy masters books tests and a portfolio booklet with material and suggestions for developing a language portfolio.

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