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Zorgo Nº 2

August 10, 2020

Titulo del libro: Zorgo Nº 2

Zorgo, a villain of operetta, worthy of the best James Bond movies, helped by his faithful Manolito, embarks again and again in discarding projects to dominate the world, enslave the human being ... or simply make the damn. Obviously, such crazy plans end, on numerous occasions, stamped against the cold and hard wall of reality. Zorgo was originally published in the youth magazine Mister K. Luis Bustos (Madrid, 1973). He is an illustrator, comic artist and graphic designer. Self-taught, I have shared his professional beginnings in the graphic arts collaborating in various fanzines, publishing houses and advertising agencies. He has created, together with David Muñoz, the series Rayos y Centellas and the album Residuos. His works as a complete author are Espop!, A satirical series about pop music for the musical magazine RockdeLux and Zorgo for the youth magazine Mister K. He has also published in numerous magazines and newspapers, highlighting Somos Somos Los Muertos, El Pais de los Temptations and The Mangrove. Recently, his first graphic novel as a complete author, Endurance, published by Planeta DeAgostini, has come to light.

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